15 The New Age in the Sign of the Fish

In 2 AD Ptolemy revised the Egyptian calendar.  This was a 4 year one with an extra day in one of the years, similar to our own calendars.  It was not very popular as it turns out, regardless of the greater accuracy that it contained.

A few years later, another Biblical personage did much the same thing.  This is reflected in the New Testament story of the feeding of the multitudes.  In this story the God-man Jesus feeds 5000 with only five loaves of bread.  Symbolically, the 5000 represents the same number of historical years.  4000 of these years precede the current age, which is projected to last for another 1000 years, to bring the total number of years to 5000.

The previous 2155 years were under the sign of Aries the Ram.  This would stretch to some time prior to the Exodus of Moses, and was prophesized in the Genesis story numbers.  As you recall there were 1056 years from Creation to Noah, and a further 1100 years from Noah to Lot.

1845 years preceded this cosmic sign, and at the end of the 2155 years a new age of Pisces the fish began, according to the numberology of the man who was a miracle worker in the story.

To change the Sadduciac calendar based on the Babylonian luni-solar calendar of eight years would be considered a revolutionary act, and therefore the wisdom had to be concealed in the symbols of bread and fish.

The problem with the existing calendar was that feast days did not fall on the same days each year, but had to be recalculated yearly, because some years in the cycle had a significant addition of days, i.e. 30.

Jesus was promoting a 4 season year of seasons of 91 days each, based on a 28 days per month and 13 months per year model.  This is called the New Moon calendar, because the months start with the new moon, or sidereal model, instead of the lunations of alternating 29 and 30 days of the terrestial model resulting in a shortened year of 354 days, that was increased to 384 days in 3 years out of 8 due to the addition of a 13th month of 30 days.

Can you see where the confusion came from?   The festival of Passover was meant to occur during harvest season, but could this be achieved in a Sadduciac calendar?

What were the signs that this is what Jesus was speaking of?

The text uses ‘companies of 50’ but the actual number of a company in Old Testament scriptures were only 30.   If we change the wording, as some translators do, the word company is deleted and the significance of it is lost.

If companies of 50 is stated, then where is the 30 in a company being mentioned.  I guess that in being hidden only the initiated will see the true meaning to the calendar.  Otherwise charges of insurrection were going to be made.

Jesus is saying that previously the calendar for 4000 years was based on 30 days per month, as the Egyptian year of 360 days with 5 seasons of 72 days each, and 5 additional days at the end based on solar considerations, but now the new calendar for a thousand years or more would be based instead on 28 days.

Somehow we realize that this purpose was defeated.  Our calendars do not have 28 days in them, now or in the immediate past.  Jesus evidently was not successful in the change he was endorsing for the sabbatical calendar of 52 weeks with one extra day added at the end.  But as a solution to the festival crisis, it made perfect sense, and survives in the feeding of the multitudes story.

Now the age of the fish is set to expire, and the coming age of Aquarius the water bearer is nearing.  What changes will we see in the coming 2155 years?  Will our calendars undergo some changes?  If so, what will these alterations be based on?


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