6 Guessing Only Leaves You Guessing


Guessing leaves more options. Richard Hugo, poet


Building a boat, like building a pyramid, is an ancient science.  You just have to know how it is done to be able to craft a seaworthy vessel.   In the Flood myth, the units of measurement of the Ark are in cubits.  What exactly is a cubit and how many different kinds of cubits are there?


The Great Pyramid of Giza is a replica of the earth that we live on in the scale of 1:86400.

How do I know this?  I did the math!

Each side of the pyramid base represents the length of one of the four seasons, and all of these measurements are of slightly different lengths.

The pyramid itself sits on a platform called the socle.  When two sides of the socle (All sides are equal.) are multiplied by 86400 the equatorial circumference of the earth is represented.  This would be around 24,902 miles.

What is the cubit measure that the Egyptians used for their building of the Great Pyramid?

It turns out that a special adaptation of the royal cubit which is 28 fingers or 7 palms was used.  A finger is equal to .01875 meter in the metric system.  Therefore, 28 fingers is .525 meter.

Building a pyramid requires a more finely tuned model than is derived from measuring fingers or palms.

The geometry of a circle’s circumference is C = 2 pi r.  Pi is 3.1416 and r is the radius of the circle.

The clever architect of the Great Pyramid decided to set the radius to 1.  Then the equation for C simply becomes 2 pi = 6.2832.

Next the designer divides the circle into 12 slices of 30 degrees each.   6.2832 / 12 = .5236 meter.  This is the cubit measure for the Great Pyramid.

Two sides of the socle base are equal to 15 seconds of the 360 degrees in a circle.  If you multiply 60 seconds x 60 minutes x 360 degrees, you get 1296000 seconds.  15:1296000 = 1:86400.

There is no guessing involved here.  It is pure science of mathematics.

The only problem is in understanding how the Egyptians knew the exact measurements of the equatorial circumference of the earth and the height of the northern hemisphere (equal to the height of the pyramid on a scale of 1:86400).  I can offer some suggestions.

If you had an atmospheric balloon that could get high enough and load a camera on it, you would clearly notice the curvature of the earth, revealing that the earth is indeed round.  The National Geographic Society actually did this and I have the photo of it to prove it.

The only other possible way of knowing would be through surveying, which the Egyptians were adept at in their agricultural pursuits.  I’m not sure how much land surface you would have to sample as I have not done any studies on this subject, but I would imagine it is a quite large area.   It could be done over time.  If one can build a Great Pyramid, then there should be no problem with surveying a large area of space needed to guesstimate the earth’s dimensions. But all of this research activity would have had to occur prior to the construction of the pyramid in order to get the details correctly represented.


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