10 The Ages of the Fathers

There is a better way of understanding time in the Genesis numberology but it is based on a different set of conditions than the ages of the fathers at the birth of their first sons.

This other way of reckoning time is based upon the age of the father at the end of his bloodline from the birth of the first son.  This number is always exactly 800 or close to it (See note below.).  The 7th person, Enoch, is only 365 when he is translated by the Lord.  This signifies a half time, rounding up to 400.

The total for the first 7 individuals in the timeline beginning with Adam, using this alternate method, is 5200 years in round numbers.  Dividing 5200 by 8 is 650.  Multiplying 650 x 2922 gives the total number of days in “Luni-Solar” figures.

Add to this a later genealogy of another 7 individuals counted in the same method and you come up with 2100 years.

5200 added to 2100 is equal to 7300.  Divide 7300 by 1460 and you get 5.

This would be 5 cycles total of the Egyptian Sothic Cycle of 1460 yrs x 365.25 days, or 7305 yrs x 365 days.

7305 years in 365 days is bigger than 2200 years in 360 days by quite a large number.  You might even say that human beings have been around for a long, long time, if this record keeping is accurate!

Study the book of Genesis numberology and see if you can find these numbers for yourselves.  We know from science that the human population has been around for far longer than 10,000 years.  The purpose of the numbers then must be to shed light on the mathematics of the ancients foremost, and as a history of races within that shorter period of time as a second consideration.  Origins of the species are not really being debated here.

The window of 7300 years is probably the greatest portal that can be achieved from oral or written histories in monuments.  Beyond that is mere speculations and rumors.


Note: When the number given is higher than 800 some kind of translation key is being given for a different calendar system.  For example, 807 has a remainder of 7.  A possible translation would be 7 (260) = 5 (364).  The importance of 260 is not clear to me, but it may have had some special significance to the work of translations.  When translating everything into 260 some amazing coincidences occur.  5200 (365.25) / 260 = 7305, or 5200 (365) / 260 = 7300.  It might just have been a double checking system for testing the accuracy of the numbers themselves without any further importance.


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