16 Adding A Third Dimension

So far my investigations have led into a patch quilt of different solutions to the timeline.  None of these solutions seems to have any urgency over any of the others.  That does not seem to be a very satisfying end to the whole affair.  There has to be something more that I have not been considering.  What is it?

I have mostly spoke in terms of days and years to create my three dimensional equations.  What is lacking is the third dimension of hours per day.  This is where a simpler solution to the problem of a calendar using 360 days per year becomes more apparent.

1461 days of 24 hours each is a conventional cycle of four years.  I am not going to contest that number as false, but rather accept it to avoid any charges of tampering with the laws of the universe, in particular our standing in it.

The fault with the 24 hours day as I argued in chapter eleven is that there are actually only 23 hours and 56 minutes from midday to midday because 4 minutes are lost per day in transit around the sun.

This might be a possible explaination as to why 360 days is important to the Mosaic calendar.

23 hrs + 56 mins = 1436 mins

360 (1436) = 359 (1440)

From this equation it can be seen that one day of 24 hours is lost every 360 days.

A cycle of 4 years of 359 days of 24 hours per day is 25 days short of 1461 days.

4 (359) + 25 = 1461 days

I think I have finally solved the riddle of the Genesis timeline!


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