Middle East & North Africa

As-salāmu ʿalaykum (peace be upon you)! Sadly today, the phrase “Middle East” may bring up images of oil and terrorism. I would like to provide an alternative image – one of friendliness and chatter.

With my parents in the Middle East, I now consider there my home, despite not staying there for any extended period of time. There I am obliged to wear long sleeves and long pants despite a 50 degrees weather (roughly 120 degrees Fahrenheit) and watch a romantic movie with not a single kissing scene. There I also drove a car for the first time (in the middle of the desert where I would not crash into anything) and wandered the souks peppered with local crafts and street foods.

I truly enjoy the holidays when I fly back home. I do not know how long the place will be considered home, but I will grab this opportunity to travel and taste the cuisines of the Middle Eastern and North African regions.


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