Meals at my family was always a sit-down affair…that can last for several hours. It has always been that way, and I wish it could still be that way, if not for looming deadlines, the blue-light distractions of the digital age, and increasing need to be constantly on the move.

The idea of food can be viewed through so many lens. It is a basic human right, it is profit-generating, and it is relationships. To summarise all that food can be to one phrase: people make food, food makes people (this is my own corny phrase that I made up on the fly as I write this).

We grow, we cook and we eat food. In return, food builds muscles, food brings money and food creates relationships. And back, the muscles increase food production, food consumption and food culture. For good or bad is not the debate I will delve into.

I always tell my family and friends that my life revolves around food. And so I decided to create a cookbook, to establish (or reestablish) a food culture where food is nourishment, sustainable and enjoyment.

To rewire our global food system, based on fast food, processed foods and disconnectedness, this cookbook takes you through a journey of the world, ingredient-by-ingredient to unveil the untold side of your consumptions.

Each ingredient and recipe comes with a description on the sustainability of the ingredient, as well as, a Play Your Part actionable section on things you can do to support a sustainable food system. Not all actions are feasible, it is very location, income and commitment-dependent.

The important take away from this cookbook is to have fun cooking, educate yourself of the ingredients used, and spread the word through the acts of cooking and eating.




Ingredients of the Environment: A Cookbook Copyright © by Hazel Chew. All Rights Reserved.

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