This project was made possible by the Innovation Funding Program of Minnesota State.

Thank you to my colleagues at Bemidji State University, Dr. Miriam Rivera-Hokanson and Ms. Lisa Christensen Graefe. Dr. Rivera-Hokanson had the idea to create the Spanish course “La Telenovela”, which I taught in the fall of 2019. It is because of the difficulties in finding a textbook or materials with which to teach that class, that I decided to create this book. Ms. Christensen Graefe reviewed and edited the English version of the book (Hispanic Cultures Through the Screen). She made sure it was comprehensible and correct in English without losing its “foreign flavor” in the translation.

Also, thank you to Ms. Becky Bontrager, exceptional Spanish teacher at Bemidji High School, and to Dr. David Vila Diéguez (California State Univ., Monterey Bay), Dr. Julien Ekiaka Oblazamengo (Principia College), and Dr. Oriana Reyes (Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University). They generously spent their scarce time to read and review selected units from this book. I deeply appreciate their comments and suggestions, even (and especially) when we disagree.


Ana M. López-Aguilera

Assistant Professor of Spanish, Bemidji State University

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