98 Example of Alignment Mapping

Example of Alignment Mapping

Course: Title

*For this example, we use objectives from an assortment of classes.

Course-Level Learning Objectives Cognitive Function Assessment Style



(Often written by the department or institution.)

(What level of cognitive function is this objective targeting?) (What kinds of assessments would be appropriate to evaluate this level of cognitive function?)



Learners will explain the reasoning behind major battles and conflicts in North American history.

Understanding Essay, Speech, Written Exam



Learners will perform proper technique and safety in a basic chemistry lab.

Applying Demonstrate, Present, Model



Learners will interpret and analyze basic economic statistics.

Analyzing Evaluate, Compare, Defend



Learners will critique architectural styles and identify aspects of good practice in architecture.

Analyzing Evaluate, Critique, Appraise
6. Learners will construct mechanical devices of their own design. Creating Design, Build, Construct

Example Module/Unit/Section 1: Example 1

*Listing learning objectives chronologically may help you map the progression of your course as well as alignment

Course- level learning objective Module-level Learning Objectives Cognitive Function Learning Activities Assessment Method
(List the number of the corresponding course-level learning objective) What the learner should be able to do at the end of the module.

●      Use measurable verbs appropriate to the task.

○      Refer to

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

Remembering Lecture and reading on the major battles of the Civil War. Multiple choice exam on the major battles of the Civil War.


Learners will:

●      compare and contrast the motivation behind the Civil War.

●      analyze the differences between the Union and the Confederacy.

Understanding Watch two videos: one documenting the perspective of the Union states and one of the Confederate states. 5 page comparison paper

*Multiple module-level objectives can be associate with one course-level objective within the module.


Example Module/Unit/Section 2: Example 2

Course-level Learning Objectives Module-level Learning Objectives Cognitive Function Learning Activities Assessment Method
3 Learners will demonstrate a basic chemical reaction.. Applying Lecture, posters, and in-class chemistry experiment illustrating proper conduct when

orchestrating a chemical reaction.

Research, choose, prepare, and demonstrate a basic chemical reaction for the class. Make sure to exhibit safe conduct.
4 Learners will evaluate the relationship of information on a linear regression. Analyzing Introduction to linear regression and analyzing statistical data. Written exam: given data plotted on a linear regression graph, interpret the relationship between X and Y.


Example Module/Unit/Section 3: Example 3

Course-level Learning Objectives Module-level Learning Objectives Cognitive Function Learning Activities Assessment Method
5 Learners will identify beneficial and detrimental aspects of architectural style. Evaluating Research and analyze architectural design from 1900 to present day. Lecture, research and group discussion. Choose one architectural style and critique its structural soundness and breadth of application.

Condense your critique into a 3 minute presentation to the class, after which the class will add to your evaluation.

6 Learners will design new contraptions based on previous experience and knowledge. Creating Group construction of catapult. Design an innovative contraption using the same mechanism as the catapult. Build a functioning model of this contraption.



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