41 Alignment Mapping

Teaching Strategies: Alignment Mapping


What is alignment? Alignment is the concept that course components, such as reading materials and activities, work in conjunction to guide learners to the desired outcomes.

Alignment Mapping Process

What is a course alignment map? A course (alignment) map is a representation of how you intend to teach and assess each student learning objective identified for your course.

  • Maps are created to ensure the course objectives relate to a cognitive function and have an appropriate assessment style.
  • Learning objectives in each module, unit, or section are mapped back to the course objectives.
  • Learning activities in each module, unit or section are then mapped into each teaching session (face-to-face or online).

There are many ways you can represent alignment in your course. One way you might approach mapping your course is using a table that demonstrates alignment like this course map with examples from various disciplines: Example Course Alignment Map

You might consider using this Blank Template Course Alignment Map to begin to map your own course, unit, or lesson. Start with writing effective learning outcomes, then work backward mapping your assessments and activities.


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