The Truth by Caitlin Bowman

No-one really understands the stress, the nerve- wracking feeling of knowing the entire game.

How it plays out, whether in your head- truth or not.

Knowing some people either don’t count on you or you’re worth counting for.

Therefore, the thrill of running, diving and catching the ball.

Attacking it, tossing it in the air, watching in awe as the ball goes forth, the thrill,

moving forwards while traveling as you clench your teeth and swallow hard,

Pushing your whole body to it’s full exponential,

knowing it’s either do or fail.

But sometimes, you have to push through, push through with those people who are working as a team, knowing that some have your back.

It’s not about winning but it’s about having fun, smiling and laughing.


Lake Agassiz Regional Library Presents Feelin' Thielen Poetry Contest Submissions from 2021 Copyright © by Lake Agassiz Regional Library. All Rights Reserved.

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