Before by Ryne Duppong

There were no scouts and few fans at games when Adam scored his first touchdown on the football field which had grass that sparkled like a chandelier from the morning dew.

Before the NFL

Before the Draft

Before the Combine.

Before College football.

Before the scouts gave him an offer.

Before his last high school game in Detroit Lakes.

Before High School, college, and the NFL when things seemed so simple, easy, and uncomplicated.

Before all of this, there was a time when he would go play in the fields with his friends until the bright glistening sunset over the indigo and scarlet horizon.

Or until their bodies were too sore and stiff to let them move.

When they could just play for the love of the game and not for scouts, money, or fame.

If you live you look back at it and beg for it again the straightforward lifestyle when all you needed was football because it wasn’t a game it was a lifestyle.


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