faith by Landon Meier

Hi, my name is landon meier and I love football,

but I’m not the best at it.

There will always be someone who’s better at it,

but I don’t think it’s just about how much athleticism you have

it’s also about the mentality

I believe I have that mentality to one day be in the NFL

I will not let the doubt of other people affect me

those are just opinions and that’s their choice

to be negative towards someone else

you can’t let that slow you down

you have to keep moving forward keep driving until you make it

no matter what, don’t let what they say affect you,

because who are they to say you can’t do it.

well, other people think I cant do it you cant do it,

but I know I can do it

I know you can do it because we believe in ourselves.

I believe in my confidence in my athleticism and mentality

because I know the lord is watching me

if I believe he will be there for me.

I know I can, one day be in college football

I will work and work until I finally get drafted

because as Coach Madden once said ‘’self-praise is for losers, be

a winner, stand for something, always have class, and be


I know I can do it because I believe it can do it

I believe in myself, And that’s all it takes.


Lake Agassiz Regional Library Presents Feelin' Thielen Poetry Contest Submissions from 2021 Copyright © by Lake Agassiz Regional Library. All Rights Reserved.

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