Adam Theilen by Payton Roudybush

All the way to the Super Bowl

Skol, Skol

All the way, game winning stroll


He’s on the big screen again

We yell and scream at the team

Can he help the team gain another win

He makes a touchdown and the other team has steam

He went to college in his home state

He played football for ages

It was an awaited fate

You play football in stages and make good wages

Once you make a touchdown you make a field goal

You have to be pretty skilled

The kicker is in control

To make the bills

At the end of the day you can take a nap

The day is over in a snap


Four years as Mavericks number nine

doesn’t have much to say tho

Tried out for the vikings a contract he signed.


Lake Agassiz Regional Library Presents Feelin' Thielen Poetry Contest Submissions from 2021 Copyright © by Lake Agassiz Regional Library. All Rights Reserved.

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