My Small Town by Katie Courneya

I can’t get enough of,

My small town.

It never ever,

Lets me down.


You know the people you see.

With all of their smiling faces.

And the food you get nowhere else.

You don’t want to go other places!


I have a great small town!

I want to live in it forever.

Not go anywhere else,

Leaving it, never!


Fridays are the best!

I look forward to each week,

Where I watch football and,

Eat, eat, eat!


I love my small town!

All that I adore.

I will never go far.

For my town, I would go to war!


Lake Agassiz Regional Library Presents Feelin' Thielen Poetry Contest Submissions from 2021 Copyright © by Lake Agassiz Regional Library. All Rights Reserved.

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