Football Rhyme Time by Nick Roper

As I watch football with my buddy paul

The other team got a touchdown, that let me down

When they kick a field goal, I realise it’s the super bowl

It’s time for some offence, which has to be intense

When the other team kicks off, the other team catches it and takes off

There are 15 seconds on the clock, he runs like a hawk

The defence is fierce, but to win the game he must pierce

The defence he outruns, like two big blazing guns

He runs with all of his might, then takes flight

The clock is ticking down, but there is no one around

I think it’s a pick-six, but the time still ticks

He runs with all his might, but I’m still in a fright

Touchdown! My frown has been turned upside down

Our team won, it’s finally all done


Lake Agassiz Regional Library Presents Feelin' Thielen Poetry Contest Submissions from 2021 Copyright © by Lake Agassiz Regional Library. All Rights Reserved.

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