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Student Work Supervisor

Ron was a kind man and a delight to have as a student work supervisor at the library. I never saw Ron say a negative word about anybody.  Working in the library was a calming reprieve in what could be a hectic academic life when you worked with Ron. He will be missed by everyone in the library and everyone that knew him on campus.

Contributed by Matt Edelman

When I worked as a library student worker during the summer, I would usually arrive early to the opening shift. Ron would often be the only other library employee there yet — a testament to his dedication. During those opening shifts, I would often have a chance to chat with him about politics, current events, and what he was getting up to. I always appreciated his kind and friendly presence on those early summer mornings in the otherwise empty library.

Additionally, I remember Ron’s love of trivia. In the summer, I always looked forward to the trivia lunches he would organize with elaborate multi-round set ups. Those trivia lunches were something really special that brought library staff and student workers together and I don’t think they would have happened so successfully without Ron.

Probably one of my favorite memories of all was the time in the last week of summer when Ron bought pizza for all of the student workers. I think he bought more pizzas than there were students workers. A great feast indeed!

Contributed by Sam Greenstein

Ron was my boss/supervisor when I was a student worker at the library at Macalester. Ron was always warm and understanding. As someone new to the culture of the Country, State and Campus, Ron always made me feel welcome and appreciated. He treated everyone equally and with respect. He also made sure we felt appreciated, as he always bought treat, such as Girl Scout Cookies. Rest in peace, Ron.

Contributed by Selam T.


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