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Passion and Enthusiasm

Ron’s passion and enthusiasm were so infectious, and I enjoyed every single interaction I had with him over the years. I was particularly struck by multiple examples over the years when he would launch into a project or start talking about an idea, and I would think “I’m glad someone’s interested in that, but it’s not really my area of interest.” But then by the end of the conversation or the project, I would be a full convert to his way of thinking, and I would be full of ideas about ways we could move forward. And he did all this in the kindest, gentlest manner, full of humor and grace. I grew to look forward to that moment when I would realize he’d done it again — I was yet again convinced that his vision was not only wonderful, but also wonderfully achievable, and that we would all come out of the experience with renewed enthusiasm for our work.

Contributed by Iris Jastram


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