Messages from Ron

A game planned by Ron was a game worth playing

And the messages he crafted drew us all in.

Library wii bowling league

After three weeks of some very impressive bowling, the individual game scores in the league continue to sky rocket as they begin to flirt with 250.  Pundits are beginning to consider the possiblity that someone may top the elusive 275 or, dare we say it, possibly even bowl a PERFECT game! Only time will tell as the teams continue to ‘duke it out’ for the best possible spot in the upcoming ‘Tournament of Champions’.   Yes, the competition continues to heat up!


The DeWitt Code Introduces
Incoming Students to Library Resources

A dead librarian.  A secret society. An eccentric professor.  And the hint of a conspiracy. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a mystery!

Two fictitious first year Macalester students come across a dead body in the library and soon get their classmates to help them solve the murder.

Along the way, they are introduced to a variety of characters. And, as they work to solve the mystery and uncover the identity of the murderer, they are also exposed to information resources and services provided by the library and campus computing.

This is the basis of The DeWitt Code, a web-based murder/mystery ‘game’ created by the library and aimed at familiarizing incoming students with the research tools and computing resources that are available to them as students at Macalester College.


Mac Trivia Challenge

If your head is crammed full of superfluous and seemingly trivial knowledge, here’s your chance to let it all out. We’ll be playing the Mac Trivia Challenge Game (sort of like Jeopardy, just lots more fun!).  We’ll start breaking into teams at 11:45 a.m. in the Harmon Room and begin play once teams are formed. Bring your lunch – ASSORTED BEVERAGES and DESSERT will be provided. All library student employees and staff are encouraged to participate. We hope to see you there!


Group of Macalester library employees win $700 million jackpot!

Yes – it’s highly unlikely!  In fact I saw on one TV report that the odds are almost 30 times more likely that I, Ron Joslin, will be elected President of the United States than all of us win the Powerball with a single ticket —–  but it’s still fun thinking about it! And maybe worth a $2 investment.

A couple of us were talking and decided to start a pool of interested library staff to buy lottery tickets together.  We’ll go purchase the tickets, scan them and then share electronically with all so that everyone can follow the drawing on Saturday night as the numbers are read out.  We’ll plan to go with quick picks (i.e. let the computer pick the numbers for us).

If you are interested, please drop off your $2 to Ron or Beth by noon on Friday.  Or, if you won’t be around the library before noon on Friday, just drop Beth or I a quick email and you can pay it next week –  we’ll buy a ticket on your behalf to throw into the pool.

We’ll have the tickets purchased, scanned and in everyone’s email inbox by library closing on Friday afternoon.

Contributed by Jacki Betsworth


Ron used to coordinate our purchase of Powerball tickets when the jackpot reached sufficient heights. Typical was the message below, from 2016:

Please find the Powerball ticket numbers attached for tonight’s drawing.

Good luck to us all!  Somebody’s gotta win it – might as well be us!

Contributed by Beth Hillemann


In Fond Memory: Ron Joslin Copyright © by DeWitt Wallace Library, Macalester College. All Rights Reserved.

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