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a note about the candy jar….

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a note about the candy jar….

by Ronald Joslin – Sunday, October 30, 2011, 11:43 AM

I mentioned early in the semester that if we got into the habit that we fell into last year, we would ‘cease and desist’ on making a candy jar available.

Last year, I would spend quite a bit of time in the morning hunting to find the candy jar – I’ve found it in various drawers, the laptop cabinet, stuck way under the desk by people’s feet, and on one occasion I even found it in the storage room next to the paper supply.  We also LOST the jar on several occasions causing me to have to go out and buy several replacements. All of this is a royal pain in the petoot.

This happened again about a week ago – the candy went missing and after searching by several different individuals it was declared permanently MIA.  I then quit making candy available, which prompted repeated requests for its return. I started just putting candy in a small plastic bag but that didn’t really work.   So today, I broke down and went out and bought a new candy container. Today, we once again have a container filled with candy. All is once again right in the Lib Tech Support world.

To avoid all of this drama in the future, I ask one thing of MANAGERS.  Please make sure that the candy jar IS RETURNED to the office at end of shift (or the responsibility for it passed on to another manager).  I don’t plan to replace any more candy jars this year.

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