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Facebook post on 2/24:

Thinking of my wonderful colleague, Ron Joslin, this morning. Many will learn, as we celebrate his life, that he was the source of so many awesome things at our library. With all the talk of Oscar movies today I am particularly thinking of the DeWitt Wallace Library popular movie collection, largely built through Ron’s “anonymous” donations. It is without a doubt that if there was an award for humble generosity, kindness, creativity, and compassion, it would go to Ron every year.
Contributed by Angi Faiks


Ron’s presence in our library is sorely missed and will be, long into the future. I was inspired daily by Ron’s enthusiasm for Open Educational Resources, his unwavering support of student employees, his dedication to the faculty and students he most closely worked with, and the many creative ideas and projects he moved forward, throughout the years. Ron was a daily example to me of abundant generosity. He taught me much over the years, and I will miss his insights, creative spark, and leadership. It will simply not be the same without him here with us.

My sincere hope is that his work in our library made him proud and happy and that he was keenly aware of the significant impact of his work on us, those we serve, and on the profession as a whole. He has left an indelible mark on this place and the people, and I am deeply grateful that we had the good fortune of having him in our lives. Thank you, Ron.

Contributed by Angi Faiks


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