Artist Statement

Working in several media allows me to express themes in various formats. Each media speaks in a different way and tells a different kind of story, for what a watercolor expresses may tell the story differently than the same subject created in oil. In addition, what begins as a simple sketch on paper does not always end up exactly as first imagined, another source of perpetual interest and excitement for me as an artist.

This series includes structural innovations. For example, in the art piece, Slope; Taking the Plunge, the art in 3D falls vertically through a horizontal frame. Stranded II, Starling Murmuration has the art taking place mostly outside of the frame. Sometimes the Veil is Thin presents a double-sided triptych. Other pieces such as Times Squared and Red Herring have holes cut through their substrates.

In its creation and construction, I have come to accept, welcome (mostly!) and even look forward to the wonderfully active process required with this series in figuring out how to form, describe and bring into being each artwork seen first in my head as it moves through my heart and emerges from my hands as an object of emotion and beauty released into the world.

Thank you for visiting.


The Elegance of the Universe; A Thing of Beauty Copyright © 2022 by Stephanie Mirocha. All Rights Reserved.