Light and Waves

Circle Rainbow

Acrylic media on aluminum composite, 40″ x 30″.

Photons act as both wave and particle. Carrying electromagnetic force, particles of light energy are always in motion moving at the speed of light and leaving an invisible field behind them interacting with other particles, transferring energy or being created. Pretty good for something with no mass! As white light passes through prisms (such as raindrops) it splits to form colors depending on their wavelengths.

Particle physicists have proposed a model where particles moving through quantum gravitational fields, (i.e., quantum spacetime) sense different versions of of the underlying structural continuum composed of length, width, height and time. Analogous to the rainbow colors, they show how particles that differ in terms of their energy interact with quantum spacetime differently as well. This means that the structure of spacetime sensed by individual particles differs dependent on the particle’s energy.

Indeed, everything is connected through energy.


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