Möbius Mobile

Endless Path

Acrylic spray on vinyl and foam, 3” x 14” x 9”, 2019. 

A Möbius strip or loop, in mathematics, is a surface with only one side. Picture yourself upon this structure floating in space with low gravity allowing you to walk upside down. As you hike, you leave footprints on what seems at first to be both sides of a two-sided surface, but you are actually walking the entire strip without ever crossing over an edge. You’re on an endless 3D path which has only one side, one contiguous surface.

Sometimes you might get this “Mobius strip feeling” when life seems to be running you in circles. Or it may connect you to the calming realization of the continuity of life’s annual journey through a year of nature’s seasons and cycles. As you go along, feel the breeze against your skin, appreciate the changing colors, take note of the various sounds hovering about you, and observe the obstacles you will encounter and how each recedes through time.


The Elegance of the Universe; A Thing of Beauty Copyright © 2022 by Stephanie Mirocha. All Rights Reserved.