Hidden Multi Dimensions

Rolled Up

Habotai silk, acrylic spray paint and plastic, 14″x8″x8″, 2019. Hand dyed silk using Arashi shibori technique.

Some theoretical physicists propose string theory as unifying all the forces, forms and matter in the Universe: the Theory of Everything. The catch is there has to be several more dimensions than the 3 we’re used to for the math to work. The idea is that vibrating strings exist in rolled up multiple dimensions always in motion. They can mesh, join, and split apart with ease wherever there is an open end as they spread their energy force of gravity by way of hitting other rolled dimensions.

The silk membranes (tube-shaped jackets) provide a barrier or partial closure, but where they’re left open, the spirals easily nestle in and among each other, coiling together in spacetime.



The Elegance of the Universe; A Thing of Beauty Copyright © 2022 by Stephanie Mirocha. All Rights Reserved.