Spring Shadows Diptych

Time Motion

Acrylic, watercolor, metal spring, wood, rice paper and birch bark.  27”x12”x2”, 2019.

The birch bark on the spring was bent at different angles to trace shadows over time for each panel. The painting on the left depicts shadows in a 360-degree rotation with the object held horizontally. The painting on the right depicts the same, except with the object bent on an angle.

The detritus of time passing is an endlessly changing feast composed of experience, shadows, and play of light that is always in the process of becoming and evolving. The moment you partake is an entrance to the timeless now, a magnificent buffet laid out with singular and loving care that is always happening. Time leaves beautiful detritus evidence, for example, cake crumbs on a plate after the real feast occurred. The moment of enjoyably tasting and swallowing the actual dessert, however, is the only true reality.

Time does not exist as a fixed entity or constant, but rather has come to be understood as combined with space, relative to the motion of gravitational objects within that spacetime. The human brain must need manufacture time for use as an abstract reference point for organizing, cataloguing, labeling, logging in and sorting out.


The Elegance of the Universe; A Thing of Beauty Copyright © 2022 by Stephanie Mirocha. All Rights Reserved.