Sweet Thunder by Seeley Mangelsen

–After “Praise the Rain”

Summer thunder and sweet rain, let us know we are alive;
Shaking shaking in our bones, the lightning clap
Reminds us of the bigger fears
A thrilling terror that is older than time
No mortgages or missed buses compare
The electricity of the atmosphere
Etched into the twenty-fifth rib
A feeling to make your stomach drop as the sky shakes quakes
And shatters above
We’re grains of sand in an ethereal tide
Breath of the rain brings new life to our blood
Creation’s oldest remedy to its deepest wounds
We can feel it
We can feel it
Life is nothing without the terror of that life being taken away to
Drive us through the storm
Grateful to it because we appreciate the sunshine again


Bringing Joy: A Local Literary Welcome Copyright © 2021 by Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College. All Rights Reserved.

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