Hands by Tim Moder

Touching is like art.
The touch of sand leaves lines
on jasper, over time.
The pull of the tide
rolls agates and quartz
over a mobile reef.
Wet hands of an artist
etch history into the rock’s skin
with soft touches.
An uncut stone –
A block of wood –
A mountain never climbed –
are cut away as they reveal
an image kept inside.
Hard hands of an artist
shape mystery into the earth’s skin
with long hard touches.
Colors on a canvas, erase
faint traces of potential,
to fill the world with mosaics
and tapestries flushed with life.
Skilled hands of an artist
trace destiny into the maps skin
in remembered embraces.


Bringing Joy: A Local Literary Welcome Copyright © 2021 by Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College. All Rights Reserved.

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