I’ve had the help of some generous folks who have shared their knowledge of the Kasota Prairie with me over the years. I would like to thank Arnie and Joni Nimps for their wealth of information about the town of Kasota. The late Walt Vetter was so kind to take me out and about Kasota relating his stories of the importance of mining. Jim Derner has helped me numerous times to try and understand the complexities and history of limestone mining. Jeff and others at Unimin have willingly answered my questions and showed me their sand mining restoration efforts. Jim Gilbert, the well-known WCCO naturalist, and Save the Kasota Prairie volunteers have taken me on tours where they helped me not only identify the plants of the prairie, but instilled in me a deep appreciation for this endangered environment. Dan Oachs of Gustavus Technology Services provided the photo of the Unimin quarry used on the cover of this book.

Finally, two women who made this book possible. Barbara Fister, retired Gustavus Adolphus College Librarian served with kindness and generosity of her time and expertise as my self publishing guide and “unofficial” editor. My wife Judy and I have over the years made hundreds of field trips through the prairie, generally birding but also observing plants and wildlife with the changing seasons and years. I grew to love the Kasota Prairie by seeing and hearing it with her.

So to them, again, my thanks.


Two Praries, One Place Copyright © 2019 by Bob Douglas. All Rights Reserved.

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