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The Goal of The Public Speaking Resource Project

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Many instructors are opting to use high quality, low cost, “Open Education Resources” (OER) textbooks. Students’ voices have been heard, especially in Minnesota where students from a variety of public and private 2-year and 4-year schools organized, lobbied and won major footing concerning flexible textbook adoption requirements in Minnesota.  In the spirit of sharing, students from MN introductory public speaking classes have generously donated and granted permission for sharing their sample speeches, outlines, and written work as well as a personal self-critique of their speech presentations.

Overview of The Public Speaking Resource Project Contents


This Press Book is comprised of three Units: Special Occasion Speaking; Informative Speaking; and Persuasive Speaking. Additionally,  Introductory and Resource sections are included. In the future, more units will be added to this Press Book.

Each Unit follows the pattern of:

  • Start – In the “start” area, you can expect an overview of the unit, including the suggested Speech Assignment handout.
  • Read – The “read” section will include links to the related chapters from OER, The Public Speaking Project. It is no longer online -you can link to this in our D2L Content.  Additionally, an introduction to the unit and study guide for students offers relevant reading materials.
  • Practice – To “Practice,” this third section suggests student activities that correlate with the Unit chapters and Unit Speech Assignment. Additional practice materials include:
    • Free OER D2L BrightSpace Course “Shell”
      • Instructors should visit the online Public Speaking Resource Project Desire2Learn Brightspace site that is open to instructors who may wish to upload “learning objects,” created in LodeStar, to their own online class shells.
      • Learning Objects will ultimately be shared in a Minnesota State Repository.
    • Sample Speeches have been recorded and shared with the students’ written permission. Highlighted speeches include sample outlines, sample student self-critiques, and other resources. This PressBook will continue to update and more samples will be added.
  • Do – “Doing” includes tips from past students on how to accomplish the speech assignment. Additionally, sample discussion questions are included.
  • Reflect – The final section of “Reflect” includes a self-critique/self-reflection unit and sample student self-critiques.

About the Author:

Lori enjoys public speaking and often has arguments over which a particular public official made a fallacy of reasoning. Lori is an instructor of Communication.


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