15 Read: Basics of Outline Format

Outline General Format

Transform ideas to an organized outline.  Sometimes drawing does work!  Eventually, though, you need to create an outline. Creative Commons Photo from pexel.com

The format of an outline shows the progression of ideas as well as the relationship between ideas. Subordination and coordination area key. Symbols are used to show the parallel structure (note – all main points begin in this textbook’s samples with Roman Numerals — I. II. III. ).



Attention Material:

Gain the Goodwill of the Audience:

Credibility Material:

Thesis & Topic Preview:

(Transition to Body of Speech, e.g.  “Now that _____,” or,” Let’s go to ____.”)


I. Main Point #1

(Summary: ___________________________________________________________)


II. Main Point #2

(Summary: ___________________________________________________________)



III. Main Point #3

(transition to the end… ______________________________)


Signal an End


Goodwill Audience Tie

Concluding Clincher


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