Examining Platforms

This section of the book provides student-authored profiles of popular information platforms. These profiles provide both basic background information and an analysis of what issues the platforms and its users face by addressing the following questions:

  • Who owns it?
  • How is it funded?
  • What is its stated mission?
  • How does it moderate user contributions?
  • What data does it gather from users? What happens to that data?
  • What are some legitimate concerns or critiques of it, particularly in terms of who has a voice, whose experience is overlooked or discouraged, or how it may contribute to personal, social, or political violence?
  • Are there ways the platform could address those problems? What solutions do you recommend?
  • What readings about the platform are especially recommended?

As you read these profiles, bear in mind the date when they were prepared, as information networks lack transparency and are fluid, changing their policies and practices over time and with little notice.


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