I learn by going where I have to go.



Often on my journey
I am waiting
to catch up with myself
stuck in an equation with time
unequal to the experience.

My head lifts
now and then
to see where I’m going,
reminded that
the blue sky is
only a façade dropped back at night
to reveal where the stars are shining
in a bigger picture.

A song can pull that curtain back.

A voice with unseen face
calls out
across the universe
reminding me of who I am.

Floating backwards
on a snippet of melody
memory snags
tasting of wine, lights and clean up afterwards
pasted to the shadows
on the floor in the morning
hurriedly packing up my paintings.

Sunshine pings off Spanish tiled roofs.
Two men wait to drive me
from the gallery to the airport
everything on a schedule –
another show coming in –
lounging neutrally, casually watching
as I crouch there zipping it all back up
into a moment
I had no idea
would one day
send me all the way back
through the autumn air
and across the ocean
as lyrics fly out
and up
and up
on the wind.

“It’s time to leave.”


Fortune Cookie Poems Copyright © 2022 by Stephanie Mirocha. All Rights Reserved.