A kind word warms for three winters.



With your kind word
we repair inside to where it’s warm
from the one season
this 3-season porch
can’t weather.

Here we speak the unspoken.

“Where do I know you from?”

“We’ve never met.”

Yet here we are
brought together in from the cold
sharing a toast
après ski,
ala chalet chat mode.

“Did you get that sweater in Iceland?”

“Yes, it was a quick stopover changing planes.
Land of fire and ice.  And yours?”

“My mother knitted it
during the ravages of raging hormones
when she turned 50.”

“Ha!  More fire and ice.”

“She shared that with me,
seems like a lifetime ago.”

“Or many.”

“I’ll drink to that!  To another lifetime!”

“And another!”

We Pause, savoring the moment
before pressing Play
when we must step outside again
each into our separate unknowns.


Fortune Cookie Poems Copyright © 2022 by Stephanie Mirocha. All Rights Reserved.