Don’t mistake temptation for opportunity.



Vining tendrils
daily climb cliff faces of air,
each nearby leaf, branch or twig
a potential toehold cleft for clinging
with lateral handholds
carving the way skywards.

Meanwhile, the river
winds its own path
through sinking downdrafts
grounded in earth’s firm foundation —
though even there
beware of shifts and cracking!

Deep breaths coincide with each step up
until timeout along the route
for plants to rest in the coolness of night,
sipping sun’s sugary nectar drinks.

Temptation offers
grasping places to the side
sensations to latch onto.
Taste, feel and savor each
suspended there upon your precipice.

But don’t jump to conclusions!

Route your climb
alongside the flowers.
Feel your rainbow petals unfold
their slow and twirling
season’s journey up and out
into the blue.


Fortune Cookie Poems Copyright © 2022 by Stephanie Mirocha. All Rights Reserved.