You are strong and brave.
Use these qualities to pull through.


My blood courses round
the racetrack
hormones pushing
until fat
rises to the top of hot flesh cooling
fallen tears
out of nowhere
from this fish fillet,
my body.
It matters that
you played my song request
throwing me down onto softness
with your hard driving music.
But I must navigate these icy curves
traveling every which way
my thoughts
slipping wetly
round and round
the roundabout.
Out of my heart
the gibbous moon
pulls a flower waxing
until I forget,
then replants it
again upon waning
weakening my aim.
There it goes again –
the blood
surging just beyond my reach –
flushed with fresh chemistry,
not a correction
only a change,
auto-prescribed and unlabeled
plunging through me.


Fortune Cookie Poems Copyright © 2022 by Stephanie Mirocha. All Rights Reserved.