District Personnel


District Office Staff, (218) 333-3100

Tim Lutz, Superintendent                                         ext. 31120

Alexis Wilde, Director of Special Education            ext. 31104

Jordan Hickman, Director of Human Resources    ext. 31113

Chris Leinen, Director of Business Services            ext. 31198

Colleen Cardenuto, Director of Curriculum and Administrative Services    ext. 31103

Robert Wicklund, Transportation Coordinator       333-3225

Sonia Wadena, Coordinator of Indian Education    441-6355

Tammie Colley, Coordinator of Food Services        ext. 31142

Emily Helm, District Nurse                                         333-3119-ext. 37209

Elementary School Principals


Central Elementary, Patricia Welte              333-3220

Horace May Elementary, Kathy Van Wert   333-3240

J.W. Smith Elementary, Patricia Welte         333-3290

Lincoln Elementary,    Jason Luksik              333-3250

Northern Elementary, Wendy Templin       333-3260

Solway Elementary, Brian Stefanich            467-3232

Gene Dillon Elementary, Ami Aalgaard       333-3400

Start and End Times

                                                   Start Time   End Time

Central Elementary                 7:55 a.m.      2:40 p.m.

Horace May Elementary         7:55 a.m.      2:40 p.m.

J.W. Smith Elementary            7:55 a.m.      2:40 p.m.

Lincoln Elementary                 7:55 a.m.      2:40 p.m.

Northern Elementary              7:55 a.m.       2:40 p.m.

Solway Elementary                  7:55 a.m.       2:40 p.m.

Gene Dillon Elementary          8:10a.m.       2:55 p.m.


School Board Members

Jeff Lind                  333-0981             Sarah Young                  333-6959

Jeff Haack        651-587-6950            Dr. John Gonzalez        407-0332

Carol Johnson        751-0415              Ann Long Voelkner        333-0510







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