6 Emergency School Closing and Emergency Evacuation

Emergency School Closing

Because of the climate in which we live, it is important for the home and the school to communicate safety issues to all students.   Each day several thousand students are transported from an area of nearly one thousand square miles.  The potential for injury is great.  The District will utilize the district-wide calling system as noted in the student database (Skylert). Therefore, great care must be taken so all students are given maximum protection.  With respect to protection of students during emergency conditions, the school district would like to take the following precautions:

  1. Parents have the responsibility to decide whether or not students will attend during emergency conditions.  There will be days during the winter when some parents might feel it is too cold or too windy to have school.  If school is held on any of these days, parents have the right to decide whether or not to send their children to school.
  2. If parents feel as though conditions exist during the school day that might impair the safety of their children, they should feel free to pick them up at school.  Sometimes it will be possible to use the telephone and other times parents will simply have to present themselves at the child’s school.
  3. Students will only be released to their parents or guardians.  By written approval they can be released to a friend or neighbor.
  4. If conditions exist at the end of the day that could impair the safety of students, they will not be allowed to leave the school.
  5. Bus drivers have been instructed to NOT allow students to get off the bus unless they have reasonable assurance they have somewhere to go.
  6. Buses will take children to the Kids and Company Program as usual, weather permitting; however, they must be picked up within one hour of school closing.
  7. Parents are encouraged to listen to the local radio stations for the most current weather information and notice of school closings, late starts and early releases.
  8. Parents are encouraged to insist that students be dressed appropriately during the winter season.
  9. Critical to the safety of all students is that each family have a family strategy for emergency conditions.  Basically, this includes a plan for anything that might happen if there is not a normal day of school.  This would include communication with babysitters and daycare providers.

Emergency Evacuation

In case of an emergency at one or more of our schools, students will be evacuated according to the following schedule.  Parents are urged to listen to local radio stations for announcements regarding emergency situations.

If the emergency is at:               We will transport to:

Northern Elementary                     High School

Lincoln Elementary                        High School

Horace May Elementary                High School

J.W. Smith Elementary                   High School

Central Elementary                        High School

Solway Elementary                         High School

Gene Dillon Elementary                 High School



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