14 Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

The mission of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is to promote effective school-family-community partnerships.

Why Get Involved:

  • When parents are involved, students achieve more, regardless of race, economic and social status or the parents’ level of education.
  • The more parents are involved, the higher the student achievements.
  • With parent involvement, success for disadvantaged students not only improves, it can reach and equal the standards for children.
  • The benefits of parental involvement are significant at all ages and all grade levels.
  • Students who are failing improve dramatically when parents become active partners in their education.

How to Get Involved:

    • Provide a safe and loving home environment.
    • Make sure your child is well fed and rested.
    • At home, help with homework and class projects, teaching responsibility to attend school regularly and have work in on time.
    • Attend school events, such as concerts, plays and ceremonies, and show appreciation and support.
    • Volunteer to help in the classroom – for special events or on a regular basis.
    • Join the PTO and/or serve on a school or district committee.
    • Your child’s teachers are your best resources.  Be in contact with them throughout the year.
    • Attend Parent/Teacher conferences.
    • Ask your child about his/her day.





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