16 Internet Policy


Each school has a building network to allow computer connectivity among classrooms, media centers and the office.  In addition, access to a Wide Area Network (WAN) will allow schools to communicate with each other and the world via the Internet.  It will allow access to an incredible amount of up-to-date research information.

We believe that the valuable information and communication possibilities far outweigh the negative aspects of this service.  We have developed the following Elementary Usage Guidelines/Agreements.  Please go over these guidelines with your child.  Students and parents/guardians must sign these agreements to use the Internet/Network independently at school.

Internet Use Agreement

  1. The proper use of the Internet and the educational value to be gained from proper Internet use is the joint responsibility of students, parents and employees of the school district.
  2. This policy requires the permission of and supervision by the school’s designated professional staff before a student may use a school account or resource to access the Internet.
  3. The Internet Use Agreement form must be read and signed by the user, the parent or guardian and the supervising teacher.  The form must then be filed at the school office.  As supervising teachers’ change, the agreement signed by the new teacher shall be attached to the original agreement.

Student Agreement

While on the Internet, I will follow the Bemidji Area School Elementary Usage Guidelines, which include:

    • Use proper language.
    • View or print approved educational /research material only.
    • Give credit to the people who developed the material I am using and not call it my own.
    • Never give out my or another person’s name, address or phone number on the Internet.
    • Respect the equipment.
    • Never cause damage to the Internet or its networks.
    • Tell a supervisor immediately if I have a problem.
    • Never download games or software onto a school computer.
    • Respect all school computer and behavior rules while using the Internet.






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