Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Grand Prize Winner
The Family of Giraffes
Phillip K., 1st grade

I saw a family of giraffes
Walking through North Branch
Eating leaves from all the trees
Looking for their ranch.

They followed the sidewalk round and round
Turning at each bend
But they just kept circling the building
Cuz it never came to an end

The family got so tired
They had to get off their feet
But when they laid down to rest
Four necks reached ‘cross the street

They blocked the traffic, cars and trucks
Then a policeman came walking by
And said “you have to move”
This isn’t a good place to lie.

We’re hungry said the calves
And the policeman said with glee
Go over to Denny’s
Tonight the kids eat free.

After they ate pancakes
They headed to the airport
Took a plane to Africa
And ran back to their home fort.

The Best Family
Alex B., Kindergarten

Some families have the best pets,
Some families don’t
Many families live in the best City
Many families live in the best Country too!
A few families have the best children
A few families don’t.
But my family is the best of them all.

It’s a Lullaby
Ariaana R., 1st grade

Dinosaurs are the best I can do
Even better is the triceratops
Because he has horns
T-Rex is not my favorite
You are safe with me
Everything you are
Is going to sleep
I love you dinosaur

Animal Families
Josiah S., 2nd grade

There are families of cats; they’re like acrobats.
There are families of rats; they sleep on mats.
There are also families of little brown bats.
They would need tiny baseball hats.

There are families of whales; they have no toenails.
There are families of snails; you might find them on trails.
There are also families of nightingales.
They fly over hills and dales.

There are families of loons; they sing lovely tunes.
There are families of baboons; they act like goons.
There are also families of sneaky raccoons.
They steal peanut butter from spoons.

There are families of seals; they eat big meals.
There are families of eels; they don’t use automobiles.
There are also families of cute cockatiels.
They use wings instead of wheels.

There are families of fleas; they make me sneeze.
There are families of bees; they’re called colonies.
There are also families of chimpanzees.
They swing back and forth through the trees.

Evan D., 2nd grade

At last spring joyfully jumps
Happy in the air

She smells like soft beautiful roses
and refreshing rain

She looks like delicate blossoms
and a red and black ladybird

She tastes like juicy watermelon
and crunch apples

She feels like the warm sun
and fluffy chicks

She sounds like peeping chicks
and mooing cows


Family Reflections Copyright © by Amelia Birkholz. All Rights Reserved.

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