9th-12th Grade

Grand Prize Winner
Katrina M., 10th grade

The sound of the unfamiliar language.
The smell of pasta and fish in the market.
The sight of old photographs of people we never talk about anymore.
The place I call home
Never put as my permanent address.
The brokenness we never talk about is why I keep coming.
The yesterday that no one remembers
formed the today that people always talk about.
I love every flaw because that is when I realized what beautiful really means.
I want to show you my gratitude but money can’t buy a thank you or I love you.
We could talk today,
but I don’t want to get stuck on our yesterday.
Just open your arms-
because tomorrow I will be home.

Madelyn D., 11th grade

Pieces of the past
Soon to be lost forever
By the plants growing freely.
New life sprouts
In the wake of devastation,
Bringing life to the deserted town.

The faded colors are replaced by vibrant shades of green
Eating way at the peeling paint.
Children’s toys left behind
Find new meaning amongst the ruins,
As flowers bloom without restraint.


Family Reflections Copyright © by Amelia Birkholz. All Rights Reserved.

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