6th-8th Grade

Grand Prize Winner
A Family Ago
Juliana K., 8th grade

The church bell pealed its mortal dirge
In mourning o’r the dell:
Where people quietly filed down
In black to bid farewell.

Coffins—five—lead down the hill;
The way to St. James’ plot.
A resting place was hollowed out
Where they would lie and rot.

Bouquets were watered with a mist
That hung around like death.
Kin recalled the fatal jaunt
That robbed them of their breath.

A happy family of five were they—
Mom, Dad, and children three—
Sunday last was outing day; ‘twas
Their time to see the sea.

A cliff was more inviting, though.
They drove along with speed.
The next day wreck-crews found the car—
Smashed—amid the shore reeds.

The coffins-five, mahogany made,
And trimmed with golden nails,
Lined with precious silken cloth
Were held by silver rails.

So highly crafted timber wood
Stained and built with care,
Were ready to descend the ground
That dozens by now share.

Aloud, a deacon read the grave,
Which echoed sorrow’s call.
Then people placed their flowers down
Atop each caskets’ pall.

Slowly the procession dwindled
Away from Saint James’s site.
Who really cared what happened next—
Today and overnight?

Soon no one else was left in view
Save coffins, and, a wren,
Who pitied all the lonely chests—
And sang to comfort them

Emily D., 8th grade

Friends and family gather,
Yet here I sit and weep
I’m drowning in a lake of tears,
I’m sinking in the deep

Rain pours all around me
And I’m crying as he reads
My vision blurs
And suddenly I’m jerked out of daydreams

It was one year ago
Yet everytime I blink
There’s a gravestone in my mind
And I’m back at the funeral before I can think

Spring Tulips
Ayden G., 8th grade

A stressed seam in a seed breaks open, Snap! Crack!
A skinny green stem grows high up to the sky stretching up to the sun that helps it grow.
Campers break free of winter slumbers when they see the opening of this blossoming beauty
Red, purple, orange, and magenta too.
A sweet fruity treat sings through the air.
The glorious bloom is mother nature’s way of tempting sleepy bees to wake from a winter’s slumber.
The velvety cup caress’ the buzzing insect as it collects pollen within the tender tulip.
Oh what radiance you bring to our spring days.

What is a Family?
Kadee K., 7th grade

What’s a family?
Its sharing caring loving and squeezing
its bonding hugging and relaxing and reassuring
its relying and crying loaning and moaning
its stressing confession guiding providing
its needing and feeding love hug
its forgiving and mending liking and depending
Thats what makes a family.

Mia R., 7th grade

Like snow flakes, sisters are one of a kind.
They are comedians in their own special way.
But, like clapping monkeys, they are annoying.
With a single action, they can change your mood for the day.
What makes them extra special, is that no matter what happens between the two of you, you’ll always be there for each other, and most importantly, you’ll always be sisters.

Erica G., 7th grade

Families are full of fun, even when you have work to be done.
Families are people you can trust, honesty it’s a must.
Families are people you can talk to about anything with, even if it’s a simple wish.
Your families are like your best friends especially when you need a push,
They’ll guide you through all the muck and mush.
Families are like trees, they will grow with you and they might need a little help, but they’ll stand tall and proud to be related to you and will love you forever.
That’s why they’re your family, they guide you, trust you, and are tons of fun, all until the day is done.
They will love you forever,
and be with you through bad weather.
They will make you laugh and cry, but don’t be shy!
Your family is right around the corner waiting for you until the day you die.
Sometimes they will make you mad,
but hurry up and change your mood to glad!
They are always ready to play a game or watch a movie,
or snuggle up in a jacuzzi.
I made this poem to remind you about the importance of family you should get to know ‘em!

Life is Better with a Family
Isabella G., 7th grade

Family is the one who is there for you
When you don’t like the dinner stew
Family cares about you
Even when you want them to shoo
Family loves you forever
So you’ll always be together
Family may sometimes fight
But that does not mean you take flight
Family will make you laugh
Even if you’re taking a bath
Family will say no
Even if it doesn’t always go.
Family might make you sad
But that should not make you mad
Families will make mistakes
It’s fine just take a break
Families are like friends
Even in the end
Family is someone you can trust
Even in the dust
Family is there
When you have messy hair
Family is your life
Even when you become a wife
Family loves you till the end of time
That is why I made this rhyme

Family Schedule
Josh A., 7th grade

My family is great, everyone is up by 8. We eat breakfast together, and make each other laugh. The best part is our dog lena, who likes to bug us for pizza. She nuzzles her nose underneath your arm, telling you she is accepting donations. We live on a farm, so work needs to be done. We do it together, so it makes everyone feel better.

The Meaning of Family
Morgan A., 6th grade

A family is made up of love not blood.
Your family doesn’t have to be blood related,
as long as there is love.
A family is someone you can depend on forever.
No matter where they are, or who they are
they will not stop helping out, ever.
A family is like a blanket.
Covering you your entire life.
They should always be there
Even when they don’t like it.
A family will always love,
be here for, and support you,
whatever the cost is.

A Family
Victoria N., 8th grade

Family is not defined by blood.
Family, instead, is defined by love.
Family could be parents, friends, or kids,
and the most important thing to remember is,
a family should not bring people down.
Family is someone you can count on
anywhere, anytime, it’s someone you can lean upon.
Family is like a knitted blanket,
It will stick together and it won’t ever quit.
Family can also be friends,
because when you think about it,
real friendship never ends.
As long as they are there,
right beside you,
you should never be afraid,
for they will help you.


Family Reflections Copyright © by Amelia Birkholz. All Rights Reserved.

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