3rd-5th Grade

Grand Prize Winner
The Mole Family
Rosy K., 5th grade
I saw a family of moles
That lived in my yard full of holes
They popped in and out
And scampered about
Trying hard to avoid the boles.

The Father led them to a place
As each family member kept pace
“A garden of lettuce
Which hardly has fed us!”
They cried when they saw a cat face.

The poor ol’ Father yelled, “RUN”!
A great chase had finally begun
They ran to their pad
Which made the cat mad
Fearing the hunt was all done.

Out of breathe they had arrived
Grateful they all had survived
With burning feet
Still wishing they had something to eat
But all’s well! Their store would provide.

Animal Families
John K., 3rd grade

A family of fish is called a school
They swim all day long
And I think that is cool.

A family of Lions is called a pride
They hunt in the jungles
And roam far and wide

A family of crows is called a murder
They rule the skys
Keeping in order.

A family of frogs is called an army
They hop all around
Like they’re going barmy.

A family of bears is called a sleuth
They have lots of courage
But don’t have much couth.

A family of hippopotami is called a bloat
They can’t swim very well
But they surely can float.

Family ( Haiku )
Hazel N., 4th grade

My house and beyond
Our love so very strong
Virus can’t break bonds

Caleb S., 4th grade
Family is wonderful,
And my brothers are too,
Mom is the best,
I love my gramma and papa,
Last of all,
Yes, Daddy is the coolest.

Eliana S., 5th grade

We hug and we kiss and we love one another.
Families care.

The dinner is made, the table is set, the dishes are done.
Families work together.

We scream and we kick and we argue.
Families fight.

The baby cries, the kids are wild, and the dog barks so loud.
Families are noisy.

We play together and laugh like crazy. We also go on vacation.
Families have fun.

There could be a mom and a dad or only one; maybe 10 kids or 2.
Families are different.

From birth to school to weddings and grandkids…
Families are forever.

The Family Code
Lahna K., 5th grade

When I raise my hand up, very high
I promise to uphold this code, and maybe ill even see a butterfly!
This terrible sickness, gives us the chance,
To watch family movies or even a romance.
I promise to have fun, and maybe to go for a run.
I promise to keep learning, until the day is done, and in family games I will not cry, even if the score is 5 to none!
We love you parents, everywhere

Aqua Green
Maryah F., 5th grade

Aqua green sings like an angel
Aqua green is me
I see aqua green long wavy hair
Aqua green nail polish
At an underwater nail salon
I feel aqua green beads between my toes
it feels amazing
I taste aqua green grapes, aqua green apples, and aqua green cookies
Aqua green smells like
aqua green nail polish
It smells like an aqua green lake
Aqua green feels warm and soft
like waves splashing
on the warm sandy beach
Aqua green makes me feel happy, silly, funny and crazy
aqua green is me

Madeline G., 5th grade

Family is your map through life. When you’re lost, they’ll make you found. When you’re sad, they’ll turn your frown upside down. They’ll support you through and through.They love you as much as you do. Don’t take advantage of them, Help them. Even when they make you want to scream. Remember your family is like a team. A team doesn’t fight. A team sparks a light. A family is forgiving. A family helps friends through tough times. They tell their family to stay in between the lines. And if they leave you, it don’t mean they don’t love you. People in your life may leave you. but they still love you through and through.


Family Reflections Copyright © by Amelia Birkholz. All Rights Reserved.

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