4 The Ancestors of Katri Kempainnen

Here is what we have for Katri’s ancestors. Cousins have traced back to the early 1500s!


The Ancestors of Katri Kemppainen


This picture is from the funeral of Katri’s brother Kalle in 1931:


Kalle's funeral
Kalle’s funeral – you can see Katri’s sister, Elsa Karoliina and her husband in the upper left corner. Their father Kalle is in the first row.


The children of Kalle and Elsa were:

  • Kaisa (Katri) Lisa (1879-1963) – married William Laitala and had 6 sons
  • Anna Gustaava (1880-1947) – married Heikki Heikkenen and had 9 children: Kalle, Elsa, Erkki, Heikki, Matti, Joseph, Alisa, Eino and Hanna
  • Ida Maria (1882-195?)– never married
  • Adolf (1884-1963) – never married. Worked at Balkan school in 1918.
  • Matti (1885-?) – married Anna-Mari Klemetti, had 6 children: Aino, Ida, Aarne, Kerttu, Erkki, Anna-Liisa
  • Kalle (1887-1931) – married Maria Tolonen and had 8 children: Hanna, Aate, Jussi, Eino, Maija-Liisa, Eeva, Aili, Hulda
  • Elsa Karoliina (1890-1971) – married Antti Kempainen and had 10 children, two of which died as child : Hulda, Sampa, Pentti, Liisa (died at age of 1 year), Ella, Antti, Sakari, Vilho (died 7 days old), Lauri, Kaisa,
  • Greeta Stiina (1890-1891)
  • Eeva Johanna (1892-1974) – never married


It appears that at least three Kemppainen siblings came to the US. Katri came to the US  in 1905 with Maria Leinonen. Adolph came to the US in 1906 and went back to Finland (between 1909 and 1913). Adolph returned to the US in 1913 with Hanna and a few other people . . . looks like we have more cousins to investigate! We think Kalle and Matti might have come to the US and returned to Finland. We need to do more research to be sure.


Here is the ship’s manifest from 1913 where Adolph brought Eva Hanna to the US – and we have more cousins to investigate!


Thanks especially to cousins Matti and Marjatta for sharing information! They even have an association!: http://www.kemppaistensukuseura.fi/


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