Unknown Poet’s Revvelations

Unknown Poet

“Revelation,” and
“Revolution” – are quite close,
I tell of End Times.

The nitty-gritty:
You all gonna die…some day!
(That’s out of the way)

T’was an Asteroid,
or Mutual Destruction,
or shambling Zombies,

did in our Planet.
Super Nasty Cold Virus,
or a Giant Duck ate us.

Each a point of view!
…and descent into Darkness.
Cheer up!  Could be worse!

Revelation!  I
saw a dark, giant shadow.
rise out of the murk.

Before him, people –
All who confused “church” with “state,”
rose into the sky.

I walked past a bar,
bunch of them had left their beer.
So I helped myself.

Filled my pockets with
two baskets of onion rings.
and waddled outside.

At the Capitol,
All who confused “faith” with “bully,”
rose into the sky.

Gays got themselves hitched.
School funding fully restored.
Women were equal.
Fox Network broadcast real news.

Target headquarters,
Donated to AIDS research,
instead of Bachmann.

On the Nation’s roads,
fuming goofs flew through sun roofs
late for a date with the sky.

Revolution! Earth
Belongs to the Meek, not JERKS.
We got thrown the keys!

Wearing overalls,
The Beast scoured the planet clean.
Offered him an onion ring.

Numbers “666”
riding above his eyebrows…
The Mark of the Beast!
The Devil’s Area Code!

“So Bad-Assed am I,
I made Rush Limbaugh fall silent!
Glen Beck ran screamin’.”

“Well, I’m Bad-Assed, too!” (sez I),
“Same mark is on MY forehead!
Why I wear the mask.”

“MY BROTHER!” he cried.
“I have searched for centuries –
for you…you Poet!”

“You say that like it’s
a dirty word,” I replied.
And we both locked arms

and destroyed the World
of tyranny and hatred.
Tomorrow: Wisconsin.


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