All Men are Created Equal

Holly Jorgensen

All men are created equal and that may be so
But what defines a man is the breadth of his soul

A righteous man will stand up and say
“Come with me, I’ll show you the way”

A lying man will build you up
Just to tear out your heart and lock it up

A prayerful man on bended knee
Will pray for you so that you can see

An angry man is bitter at best
Can’t understand why his life is a mess

An honest man will sit by you
Hold your hand and tell you what is true

A rebellious man will ruffle feathers
He somehow finds pleasure in troubling others

A kind man will show up at your door
Ask what he can do, and then do more

A jealous man will seek to covet
Can’t see beyond himself or rise above it

A thoughtful man will listen to your dreams
Let you share your life and allow you to beam

A hardened man with a heart made of stone
Can’t even weep, even when alone

The fruit of a man are the seeds that he sows
Along the path of his life, affecting all that he knows




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