Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Grand Prize Winner
Not Stuck at Home
Philip Kunz, 2nd Grade

I’m not stuck at home
It’s the best place to be — I think!
There is always something to rely on
To play with, to eat or to drink.

One day I climbed the pine tree
That stands strong and tall
From there you can see the edge of the cornfield
And see the birds that call.

I headed out onto a branch
That hung over Rosy’s playshed
The twig I grabbed broke suddenly
Then I knew I had everything to dread.

Down, down I went
And hit right on my face
I landed on a board
In such disgrace

I felt knocked out!
The fall tore off some skin
Not only on my forehead
But my cheek and nose and chin.

Although it hurts sometimes
It’s still fun to climb and run
It always feels good to be here
‘Cuz being stuck at home is fun!

Being at Home
Leo Peterson, Kindergarten

I don’t like being at home
but school is fun
I like home
and family time is best
but school is cool
and I am too!

The Tragic Month
Aidan Hard, Kindergarten

It’s the day after Christmas and the first day of online school the first week was typical but felt like i was gonna fall asleep in my chair history was pretty easy, math was really difficult, lunch was my favorite, English easy the assignments took a while, science was not as fun but still something, online got harder everyday as my grades got lower as my missing assignments got higher and my parents got even more mad by every missing assignment. Every week got was one tragic month.

Bored Days
Charlie Doonan, 2nd Grade

Books and games won’t do the trick
On the couch, I sit
Random board games won’t work
Every day is boring
Do you like boring days?

Okay Times
Charlotte Kveton, 2nd Grade

Have a little fun even though Covid isn’t done
School at home not so fun but it’s okay with some sun
Feeling sad but don’t feel blue because Covid’s done super soon
Stuck at home all alone
no one here no one there no one anywhere

Stuck at Home while Watching Birds
Anysia Smit, 1st Grade

I was stuck at home all last summer. All I did was just watch birds all day and night.

Last summer all I fed the birds was Nerds. Did you know they love to eat Nerds?

And, then I realized a bird had a baby Nerd instead of a baby bird.

So I stopped feeding the birds Nerds but there were still some baby Nerds.

I was getting kind of nervous when I saw the baby Nerd again this spring. It was weird.

Now I only feed them sunflower seeds, even though they love Nerds.

So the baby birds are just baby birds.

But I did like the baby Nerds. They made me laugh.


Stuck at Home Copyright © by Amelia Birkholz. All Rights Reserved.

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