3-5th Grade

Grand Prize Winner
I’m Stuck at Home
Katie Senechal, 5th Grade

I’m stuck at home,
Feeling sad and alone.

I don’t care if it’s winter or summer,
I feel like today is the world’s biggest bummer.

No neighbors or friends,
Just pencils and pens.

It’s about a thousand years until Christmas is here,
And losing Christmas is my biggest fear.

After days of watching birds and mice,
It feels like there’s just nothing else nice.

There’s really just nothing to do,
Except —I don’t know— tie my shoe.

I reconsider and peek in the jar.
I see five pens and twenty pencils by far.

Although there are lots of things amiss,

Maybe I CAN do something, like writing a poem just like this.

Being Stuck at Home
June Peterson, 4th Grade

being stuck at home is boring
that’s what I say
having to be with family
every time of day
always playing games
winning every time
hearing the same names
getting out of bed
slowly do I crawl
then I finally notice
being stuck at home is not so bad at all!

Foster Kittens
Louis Weeks, 3rd Grade

While I’ve been stuck at home, the best part has been fostering kittens through the animal rescue.
I like them furry.
I like them cute.
They can transform into a grown-up cat.
They can explore.
I am sad when they are adopted.
It’s cute when they nurse.
They can climb high because they have sharp claws.
They want to eat the food and play with string.
They like to sleep on your chest.
I hope I can foster another kitten.

I Hate Covid
Morgan Weeks, 5th Grade

I don’t like having to wear a mask wherever I go.
I just want the vaccine to come to the public now.
I miss going to see my friends and going to school.
That’s why we have to stay home.
I’m thankful that I don’t have Covid.
I wonder when it will end.
When being stuck at home ends, I’m going to play with my friends and go to school and not wear a mask.
We will burn all of our masks.

Stay Away
Josie O. & Grace K., 5th Grade

Stay away it’s six feet
Covid with you and mask with me
Stay in room, dorm, apartment
Clorox, Windex, Bleach, or Tide
Clean your home inside and out
Look around because a virus is about
Cola, whipped cream, Doritos, Frito’s,
Romin’ the candy aisle
All we need is that precious paper
Stay away Minnesota

Lylah Smith, 3rd Grade

Stuck at home each day and night
My only friends the stars so bright
In my bed tucked in tight
Wondering when I can get out to the light

My Foot is Stuck… At Home
John Kunz, 4th Grade

It was a bright and sunny day
The birds were singing in the sky
But as fate would have it, by the end,
Here on the couch I would lie!

I’ll tell you the story of my misfortune
The day I was in much pain
The reason I thought I would die
And why, stuck at home, I remain

Walking through the yard
A long board I did see
With a nail stuck up through it
Yet, I had not the sense to flee!

Maybe I could balance on it
Like a spinning top
So up I went, then down I came
With a great WAL-LOP!

The nail went through both shoe and foot
The pain shot foot to head
Now I know being stuck at home
is better than a hospital bed.


Stuck at Home Copyright © by Amelia Birkholz. All Rights Reserved.

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