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Please note, all poems in this collection are arranged by the order in which they were submitted to the contest.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Grand Prize Winner

Not Stuck at Home
Philip Kunz, 2nd Grade

Being at Home
Leo Peterson, Kindergarten

The Tragic Month
Aidan Hard, Kindergarten

Bored Days
Charlie Doonan, 2nd Grade

Okay Times
Charlotte Kveton, 2nd Grade

Stuck at Home while Watching Birds
Anysia Smit, 1st Grade


3rd-5th Grade

Grand Prize Winner

I’m Stuck at Home
Katie Senechal, 5th Grade

Being Stuck at Home
June Peterson, 4th Grade

Foster Kittens
Louis Weeks, 3rd Grade

I Hate Covid
Morgan Weeks, 5th Grade

Stay Away
Josie O. & Grace K., 5th Grade

Lylah Smith, 3rd Grade

My Foot is Stuck… At Home
John Kunz, 4th Grade

6th-8th Grade

Grand Prize Winner
Home, Home, Home Sweet Home
Abby Pfeifer, 7th Grade

The Good and the Bad
Kyle Lorentz, 6th Grade

These Days at Home
Kaeden Lawrence, 7th Grade

When the Birds Fly
Brianna Bjerketvedt, 6th Grade

Same Everything
Evan Powell, 7th Grade

Shadowy Night
Natalie Scheibe, 8th Grade

SO Bored!!
Natalie Doonan, 6th Grade

Ella Barten, 8th Grade

Stay at Home
Lilliana Hanes, 6th Grade

At Home
Madison Orf, 7th Grade

We’re Tired of Staying at Home!
Nora Long, 7th Grade

Lindsi Lorinser, 8th Grade

Trapped at Home
Josh Reibel, 6th Grade

Just Another Day
Archer Dewey, 7th Grade

At the End of the Tunnel
Averee O’Leary

These Years
Jude, 7th Grade

Stuck at Home
Paul Zaytsev, 7th Grade

Emilia Olson, 6th Grade

Stuck at Home All Day Long
Annabella Freudenberg, 6th Grade

Lonely Echoes
Jack Evangelist, 8th Grade

Stuck at Home
Andrew Wilson, 6th Grade

So Many Things I Could Do
Aubrey Wilson, 7th Grade

Stuck at Home
Elleigha Carda, 8th Grade

Gabriella Ruddy, 7th Grade

Stuck at Home
Jocelyn Lopez, 7th Grade

Daily Routine
Brenden A. Lindberg, 8th Grade

Stuck and Bored
Tucker Pearson, 6th Grade

Stuck in My House
Eliana Smit, 6th Grade

Stuck At Home
Drake Goebel, 7th Grade

My Crazy Pandemic Life
Daryl Kram, 7th Grade

Stuck at Home
Holly Nordlum, 7th Grade

Stuck at Home
Gage DeBlieck, 6th Grade

Diamond Song
Isabella Erickson, 6th Grade

Stuck at Home
Jayden Fiandaca, 7th Grade

2020-21 Daily Schedule
Brendan Lindberg, 7th Grade

out/in, in/out
Anne Tse, 8th Grade

Stuck’s at Home
Laura Rose Kunz, 6th Grade

9th-12th Grade

Grand Prize Winner

Free Time
Morgan Brackenbury, 10th Grade

Set me Free
Wendy Hills, 9th Grade

What a Child Beholds
Julianna Kunz, 9th Grade


Stuck at Home Copyright © by Amelia Birkholz. All Rights Reserved.

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