How to Use this Textbook

Introduction: How to Use this Textbook

Introduction: How to Use this Textbook (Original Compact Anthology of World Literature: Part Six)



This textbook is designed to be accessible, easy to read, and available to you at no cost. Like other world literature anthologies, The Compact Anthology of World Literature, Parts 4, 5, and 6, has been compiled and edited by expert faculty to ensure that the array of selections included here are representative of many cultures during the time periods covered. These selections comprise works that scholars agree examine themes and universal human experiences that cross cultural boundaries. Additionally, the writers, poets, and dramatists selected here demonstrate mastery of a genre that raises their work to the level of great art. However, each selection also illuminates its particular cultural, historical, and social context.
Here are some suggestions to enhance your reading and your studies:

  1. If you are reading this introduction, you have figured out that you must use an epub reader. For those of you reading the text on a laptop or desktop computer, we recommend downloading the Google app called Readium. You might also try Microsoft’s ebook reader, Bluefire. If you prefer to read on your Android device (either smartphone or tablet), we recommend an app called Lithium. If you have an Apple device, you can read the text using iBooks.
  2. If for some reason you prefer to read the textbook in PDF format, simply search the internet for ways to convert an EPUB to PDF; multiple sites can provide you with that information or even do the conversion for you.
  3. Note that the table of contents is organized as a series of links; just click (or tap) on an item to go directly to that selection.
  4. Make sure to read the unit introductions; they provide important contextual details to help you understand the selections you are reading more deeply.
  5. Also note the discussion questions we have provided in the brief introduction to each author. Use them as a guide while you read and take notes.

We have developed an Instructor Guide that you might wish to investigate. The Guide provides sample syllabi, suggested themed units, writing prompts, and a list of helpful sites.


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